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I simply do not believe everything was said and had happened as stated. Some of it is EXACTLY like the stereotyped false images that you Libs have of us Conservatives. But even if it is all true (doubtful), I could give you tons of stories showing the other side of the bigot coin. For example, any public criticism of Obama’s policies was called “racist.” No open discussion of his presidency is even allowed to this day because you Libs can’t tolerate criticism of your “Messiah,” and you STILL call anyone who does a racist. BTW, you Libs are the ones who referred to Obama as your “Messiah,” not Conservatives. Obama even claimed the sea levels would quit rising because he was president! Here’s a link: the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal

In the news recently, the Boy Scouts who cheered for President Trump were described as the same as Hitler’s Brown Shirts. But I heard NO criticism of all the teachers who taught their classes poems and songs celebrating Obama’s presidency; one of the few sources for that news was a link at the Drudge Report and commentary from Rush Limbaugh about it. The Lib Media certainly never talked about it, and anyone calling those indoctrinated grade-schoolers “Brown Shirts” would certainly have been punished. At least the Boy Scouts are a voluntary organization; the kids in school had no choice but to literally sing Obama’s praises!

The bottom line: It is permitted for Libs to lie, cheat, steal, riot, intimidate, break the law, incite violence and even commit violence against Conservatives; any behavior at all is condoned in order to advance the Liberal agenda. These are the same techniques terrorists use! Can you tell me what the difference is between Liberals and terrorists?

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