Take a knee.
Patrick Gothman

If you get not a single word of praise, but only criticism, day in and day out, by family, friends, strangers, then no one would think you were worth a damn. Everyone would say, “No one has a kind word to say about you, so you must be the biggest thief/scum/murderer/rapist/pedophile/bad person around.” It doesn’t matter how good you actually are, whether you go to church, have an honest job, raise honest, moral kids and faithfully love your wife; no one ever hears about your good points, so they have no reason to think you have any. They will hate you without even knowing you and spit at the sound of your name.

The same is true of how we treat our country, as represented by our flag and our national anthem. The kneelers are NOT kneeling to show respect for our country. They are kneeling to show that our country is not worthy of respect. There is a nonstop clamor of ONLY negative things said about our country by the kneelers and their supporters, with NO praise whatsoever. Standing for our national anthem shows patriotism, respect and love for the United States. Kneeling shows the opposite.

Some of you defenders of the kneelers say, “Of course they love our country, but — ” First, they show no proof they DO love our country. Second, there shouldn’t be a “but.” You either love your country, or you don’t. Yes, we have problems; how does kneeling fix any of them? These kneeling millionaires could afford to create a national organization to address whatever their grievances are and work on solutions. Kneeling further divides us and offers NO solutions. These kneeling millionaire football players talk of “oppression.” Really? They are in the top 1% of our nation’s wage-earners, and they think they are oppressed? The country that makes them millionaires is NOT oppressing them! Or they talk about cops “targeting” blacks. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, that simply is not the case. Far more whites are shot by police than are blacks, and very few have been shot without cause. Hey, here’s a radical idea: Instead of running, cussing or fighting a cop, how about being respectful to him and doing only what he says to do? The number of people — of ANY race! — who do that and still get shot is so close to zero that it doesn’t even show up as a percentage of police shootings.

The bottom line is the kneelers think they have a grievance against the country, but the forum (which they haven’t even paid for) in which they express it is inappropriate. They are there to do their job of entertaining the public, not spout off (ignorantly in most cases) about social and political issues. If I did that on my job, I would be fired, regardless which side of the issue I was on. The kneelers should also be fired.

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