We Are Inches From A New World War, And Clintonists Are To Blame
Caitlin Johnstone

Not true! Trump isn’t attempting an “escalation” of hostilities with Russia. He is trying to restore the post-cold war relations we had with Russia before Obama permitted them to aggressively insert themselves into any part of the world they chose that would serve their interests. Militarily, Russia is like a dog straining on a leash, and Obama took the leash off and let them run wild for eight years. Now Trump is putting them back on the leash, but they don’t want to give up the gains they’ve made in territory and areas of influence and dominance during Obama’s regime. Have you really decided that it is less dangerous to appease Russia and let them keep their strategic gains, rather than reassert our control and influence over them? Do you want the US to continue to ignore their (NOT our) “escalating” military aggression, as Obama did, or put restraints back on the barking dog? It must be one or the other.

Things certainly aren’t as dire as the Lib Media pretend them to be in any event; we are still getting Fake News, you know. The Fake News Media is trumpeting the Russo-American military confrontations but fail to tell us about the economic pressures Trump is also putting on them. Russia is trying to get us to back down, but it is barking, not biting. The balance of power will eventually return to an equilibrium.

Are you old enough to remember when a Chinese fighter collided with an unarmed US intellgence flight over international waters? This was during Bush 43’s first months in office, and China used the incident to test US strength and resolve — which Bush passed, since the aircraft and crew were all returned to us promptly, which contrasts sharply with Carter’s results during the Iran Hostage crisis. Now it’s Russia who is testing our strength and resolve — and so far Trump has passed.

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