We Need Diverse Books, But We Also Need Diverse Reviewers
Bix Gabriel

“Now, in the era of Trump, where (sic) every day different rights are set ablaze and turned to cinder . . .”

Really? Can you name a single “right” we no longer have due to Trump?

As to the title of this article, by “diverse” you don’t mean diverse; you mean “minority authors writing about fringe issues.” Most people have no interest in “diverse” (fringe) issues, except in the sense that most people can see that they are losing THEIR rights to that fringe segment of our society. Only 3% at most are homosexual, and fewer than that are trans or some other politically correct perversion. (“Perversion” IS the scientifically correct word, by the way; look it up.) So why expect positive reviews from 97% of the population of a fringe subject no one cares about, written by fringe people who have declared open hostility toward that same majority of the population? Any positive reviews above the “diverse” 3% shows the result of a successful propaganda campaign that, both legally and socially, has coerced acceptance of those “diverse” opinions through lawsuits, violence and intimidation. You demand voluntary acceptance, but you’ll never get it from normal people. (Again, “normal” is the correct word; look it up.)

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