Wow…. ANOTHER ******* Not surprising, certainly no shortage of republican ******** News flash…

Obamacare, first of all, is not sustainable; it is already nearly THREE times the cost to consumers than it was when it was started, and it’s still rising.

Second, it makes healthcare MORE expensive, not less. So much of consumer’s healthcare costs are paid for health INSURANCE that no one can afford to get the actual medical care it is supposed to help pay for.

Third, Obamacare is eliminating free market choices for health insurance. Insurance companies are quitting the health insurance business due to rising costs, thanks to Obamacare mandates.

Some areas in my state no longer have ANY insurance companies that offer Obamacare subsidies, and the same thing is happening throughout the nation.

Finally, Obamacare was designed to fail in order to stampede public opinion into supporting single payer. This was STATED by Barack Hussein Obama himself! Once the government is the sole authority over your life, you MUST obey them or you can be denied healthcare you need to live.

Why the hostility and name-calling? And where are YOUR facts supporting your position? All of the above are FACTS, not Liberals’ Fake News, with links to proof; you seem to be the one who is afraid of facts. Looks like you are projecting to me; your post is big on opinion but short on facts. But then, I have never gotten facts from a Lib; just nasty name-calling, as you offered. Care to give me FACTS, without the name-calling?

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