It’s not up to you or to me to say what someone else means when they take an action.
Seeking Justice

Quite the contrary, EVERYONE interprets what someone means by their actions. If everyone, including the kneelers, know we show respect to our country by standing for our national anthem, then NOT doing that shows disrespect. PERIOD. Otherwise, couldn’t I flip you off, middle finger extended, then tell you it was a respectful gesture? After all only I know what I meant by it, according to YOU.

Those other “gestures” you describe are considered PATRIOTIC, not political.

You do have one thing right, though. These anti-American kneelers will keep it up until they will no longer play the national anthem, nor fly the American Flag, nor exhibit any vestige of patriotism and love for this country. After all, you oh-so-inclusive Libs will demand that they be removed out of “RESPECT” for others who may be “offended.” But no one worries about offending and disrespecting the vast majority, do they?

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