Your first paragraph contradicts your second.
Caitlin Johnstone

So you would let other countries do some “intervening” of their own and become supreme over the US? If you didn’t like that other country’s “interventions,” would you then want the US to “intervene” AFTER they are stronger than the US? How will that end? If you aren’t leading, you’re following, so who else would you rather follow? Maybe you want to follow China instead of the US?

Keep in mind, the US is the ONLY country founded on the principle that people are born with God-given rights even over our own government; all other countries dole out whatever rights their government chooses to allow them to have. With another country being “supreme,” you may not have the right to publish your naive opinions and get forced into a labor camp, where you have to hoe a garden for 16 hours a day, or entertain the workers all night in exchange for a room and not much food. I think I’d rather have a “supreme” country that believes in rights, don’t you?