I’m a reporter in Mexico. My life is in danger. But the United States wouldn’t give me asylum
Washington Post

Sorry, but the US doesn’t OWE you asylum. Maybe you deserve asylum, maybe not; your article is short on details about specific threats. In any event, we can’t take in everyone who seeks asylum, no matter how sympathetic their cause. My sympathies lie with those who are victims of circumstances beyond their control, persecuted for their religion or fleeing turmoil due to revolution, not journalists who piss off their government. But most of the article is about how our procedures in the US are so onerous, so “unfair,” that you seem to attempt to justify those who illegally cross our borders. Have you given any thought to the idea that if there weren’t so many of your countrymen breaking our immigration laws and swarming into the US illegally, there might be more resources left to help those who legally seek asylum?

By the way, how did you think your corrupt country would react when you blew the whistle on them? You already knew of other journalists being killed; did you think they would make an exception just for you?