This 4th of July Celebrate Yourself, Not America

When you are in love with a woman, do you tell her about all of her flaws? That mole on her cheek, her small bust-line, the stupid way she giggles, her bizarre wardrobe that she thinks is stylish? Or do you overlook, dismiss and refrain from commenting about her shortcomings and instead admire all the positive things that you love about her?

Now apply that to our country. Do you truly love America, despite all her flaws? If so, why didn’t you write about that instead, especially on the fourth of July? Or are you convinced that our country’s flaws outweigh the positives? ALL countries are flawed, but in my opinion, our flawed country’s ideals, beliefs and traditions are FAR better than those of all other flawed countries. If you don’t believe the US is the best country to live in, then find a better one and move there. But first be sure you look at that “better” country’s flaws as closely as you have looked at America’s.

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