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Who says I treat people like crap? I DID help my granddaughter; she not only was not grateful, she felt ENTITLED to my money because I had it to give and SHOULD give it to her.

No one lives in a vacuum; my jobs helped my employers and customers, without whom I wouldn’t have had the jobs. My published works and patented inventions also help people, and I am dependent on them for my income, as well as my agent and publishers. I got scholarships as well, and they helped me get through school. But I made my own life! No one else did my work for me, nor did they support me while I piled up stacks of money before I could support myself. Eighteen and twenty-hour days were common to me while I put forth the effort to achieve the things I wanted to achieve. Snowflakes are appalled that they have to work for eight whole hours at a time, or to go to classes every day.

Your post proves my point; you automatically think someone who believes in hard work is abusing people. Thanks for showing the world that you are a Snowflake!