David Fahrenthold: The behind-the-scenes story of my year covering Trump
Washington Post

Why didn’t this so-called “journalist” cover Obama’s administration with this same zeal? Or how about investigating Hillary Clinton and the “pay for play” deals she made, or the Clinton Foundation’s involvement in laundering Russian money while Hillary gave the Russians twenty percent of all US uranium ore while Secretary of State?

This so-called “journalist” thinks that, because money was sitting in the Trump Foundation, that it wasn’t “spent.” Of course it was spent! I consider my donations to the Salvation Army to be “spent, whether it is actually used right away, earmarked for a specific future purpose, or is “just sitting there” in a bank account. I certainly don’t have possession of the money anymore, nor any say in how it will be used. Neither did Trump.

The effort of this so-called “journalist” wasn’t journalism; it was strictly to “get Trump,” and he just knew he’d got him. He didn’t. Trump’s money was legal, and was legally spent. Invest this same effort on a Hillary investigation and you’ll uncover not only improprieties but outright illegalities, and either get a Pulitzer or end up on the Clinton Death List.

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