White People Will Always Let You Down
Ijeoma Oluo

Why do you look to white people to “do something” for you? Productive people, Asian, white AND black, don’t look for someone to “do something” for them; they do for themselves, standing on their own two feet.

Newsflash: Life is not fair; not only that, the government’s attempts to make life fair inevitably result in unfairness. Affirmative Action is one example, forcing colleges and employers to consider race instead of talent, ability and grades/resume/work record. The news is replete with stories of less-qualified blacks being hired over more-qualified Asians and whites. And there will always be doubt in a successful black’s mind whether it was his abilities or AA that gave him his opportunity to succeed. Years ago I took a standard civil service exam for a federal job. There were 100 points added to a candidate’s score JUST FOR BEING BLACK. In addition, a military vet got another 100 points, and a female got 100 points, so a black female veteran got 300 points WITHOUT DOING A THING! As a white male with no military experience, that’s 300 points I had to EARN on the test just to get to the same starting point, then I would STILL not get hired over a black who got a lower score, even with at least a 100-point head start, if the Affirmative Action quota said they don’t have enough black employees. Here’s a link that describes how the SAT college admissions test gives points to blacks and to athletes, so that a black athlete gets more than 400 points before he even answers the first test question. https://downtrend.com/vsaxena/bonus-sat-points-for-being-black

Your assumption that George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin is displaying your racism and bigotry against whites, and isn’t even consistent with the facts. George’s statements agreed with the forensic evidence at the scene, and both proved that Trayvon assaulted George, was straddled on top of him, and dragged George to the pavement, where Trayvon repeatedly smashed George’s head to the pavement. All of George’s injuries proved that that is indeed what happened, whereas the only injury Trayvon sustained was a skinned knuckle from hitting George, until the assault was stopped by George shooting Trayvon, resulting in his fatal gunshot wound. Obama’s Justice Department couldn’t find any evidence of a hate crime, by the way, nor was a wrongful-death lawsuit ever brought against Zimmerman. The Home Owner’s Association did settle with Martin’s family, but that’s all.

Hope you can get over your thinking that you need help from whites.