Why Switzerland is the Happiest Country in the World
Jillian Richardson

Why is diversity such a desired goal? Whenever diverse groups come into proximity to each other, violence ALWAYS follows. No exception; it is an axiom of sociology. The US has been called a “Melting Pot,” because diverse people from all over the world come to the US. But they don’t remain diverse. They become Americans, with a common, uniquely American set of virtues, values and traditions. The current politically correct intention of keeping diverse peoples diverse sows its own seeds for future strife and division. If the people within a country do not have a commonality that derives from a sense of belonging or membership within a single culture, such as identifying as “American” or “French,” they will Balkanize that country into smaller countries or territories until there is no common ground for the people living there. Fighting and eventual war is always the result, and this can be seen in every nation in the world that has allowed immigration to out-pace cultural assimilation. Kudos to the Swiss, who realize that the uniquely Swiss culture that they enjoy, that this article admits gives them happiness, will be destroyed if they permit uncontrolled immigration without assimilation. Diversity without assimilation will destroy any country; proof is in every country that has attempted this.

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