Dear Readers of this article,
Jossif Ezekilov

You claim to “speak truth to power?” Sorry, you think your mission is important enough to capitalize: “Speak Truth To Power.” You wouldn’t know the truth if it crawled into your mouth and humped your tongue. You lost all credibility when you attributed to Hillary Clinton the talent to negotiate ANYTHING with the Russians. She couldn’t even give them a plastic “Reset Switch” without misspelling the Russian word for “Reset!” The Russian response was to ram it so far up Obama’s rectum that his farts smell like borscht. She did manage to give away 20% of all US uranium ore deposits to Russia, in one of her many Pay To Play schemes she ran as SoS; the US lost on that deal, but the Clintons did NOT. Can you name for me ANY Hillary Clinton success that actually benefitted the US? If you researched her as you claimed to have done with Ms. Johnstone, you would see that Hillary is a lying, self-serving, scandal-prone, evil politician who would today be in prison for multiple felonies were it not for the power the Clintons hold over our government and media.

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