Maybe he did it because he is a brave individual and wanted to be heard , unlike yourself.
Mocanu Marius

You don’t know me and therefore you don’t know if I am a “brave individual” or a coward. Yet you impugne me with no proof of either my bravery or my cowardice. However, unlike the author, I WILL face the consequences of my own actions, whether others consider them to be brave or not. The author, after performing his “brave” acts, ran away, expecting the US to protect him from his enemies. It’s too much like a little boy who slaps the class bully, then hides behind Mommy’s skirts to avoid retribution.

By the way, in this age of Fake News, does this author have any proof of these threatening actions against him, or is he merely making up or exaggerating a story that he hoped would get him asylum in the US? You know, like Hillary Clinton claiming her plane landed “under sniper fire” to appear braver than she is? If events took place as he described, why didn’t he give times, dates and details to document what happened? He could even have recorded what happened on his cell phone, both video and audio, but apparently didn’t. Or maybe he just isn’t a very good journalist and “forgot” to write these important details down.

Critical thinking skills seem to be nonexistent nowadays, allowing people to believe anyone about anything.