That’s a lot of assumptions about what I was or wasn’t taught, haha.
Beckie Woodfield

You persist in mistaking your own ideals as being common to the Millennials as a whole. You have already described yourself as the exception to the general Snowflake rule; no need to point out once again that there ARE exceptions, as I acknowledged that about the Greatest Generation. My own experiences with Millennials reinforces the Snowflake concept; I didn’t INVENT the word for God’s sake! My experiences merely confirm the generally-true stereotype of your generation.

When I was younger than you are now, in my early twenties, I resented the hell out of my parents’ generation stereotyping everyone with long hair (the “Beatles haircut” was stylish then) as hippies who believed in the real hippies’ Free Love and Communal Living, with guys and girls casually swapping partners. Most of us still retained the morals of our parents.

Contrary to your assertion that our parents’ “emotional incapacity” caused the hippy movement, the actual cause was a Communist psyop begun in our colleges to break down our traditional emotional bonds of family and love (they succeeded, by the way; research its origins if you don’t believe me), along with parental permissiveness as those same parents accepted their hippy-children’s insistence that they leave home (usually with Mom and Dad’s financial support) to “find themselves.” The appeal was simply to not have rules or discipline in their lives, not a fleeing of any “emotional incapacity” their parents had. But the hippy values (or lack of values) weren’t as common in my generation as Snowflakes are in yours, although we all got painted with the same broad brush just the same. I am not saying YOU are a Snowflake, but a majority of your generation are, and nothing you have said has refuted that fact.

I’m done discussing this with you; there are too many differences in experience, knowledge and observations for me to convince you of these facts. What WILL convince you is when you are my age and have observed a comparable value shift; then you will realize I’m right — in about forty years.

Enjoy your life, and good luck!

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