The Surprising True Story of the First Thanksgiving
Sam Ursu

You should Call It “Lies About The First Thanksgiving”

The reason the pilgrims starved that first winter was because they were under contract to work ONLY for the “Common Wealth,” a term still used today, as in “the Commonwealth of Virginia.” But the young and able farm workers didn’t see the justice of working to benefit the wives and families of others, some of whom were lazy or refused to work, so THEY didn’t work too hard either. Why work extra without being paid extra? Everyone shared equally from the common wealth, so it was what we call Communism today. And as Communism always does, it failed.

After that miserable, deadly first winter of starvation and disease under Communism, the Mayflower Compact, the contract between the investors in Europe and the pilgrims, was modified so that, after each family contributed a certain amount to the common wealth, anything more that they made above that was theirs, for their own benefit. They also were granted real estate rights to their own land, to do with as they wanted. This is nowadays called “Capitalism,” and it resulted in huge surpluses for everyone, producing so much food and prosperity that it was more than they could use, so they invited the natives to share in their wealth. The thanksgiving was to GOD, for showing them the Capitalism way to prosper and for the bounty His land gave them.

Calling the natives “Americans” and the pilgrims “illegal” makes it sound as if the “Native Americans” had their own country, with borders, governments, and a national currency. They did NOT. There was no country to gain “illegal” entry into. The natives had unending tribal conflicts and wars as they fought over hunting rights, land and water sources, and they were nomads, traveling to wherever fish and game were plentiful, leaving their garbage strewn over the landscape as they went. The highest government position was tribal chief, who kept a benevolent dictatorship for the profit of his own tribe while murdering other tribe’s members as desired.

The natives did help the pilgrims survive by teaching them how to hunt, fish and raise crops. But that is nearly all you got right; the thanks was to God, not to the natives.