You speak of “discretionary” spending for the military, but why don’t you look at the entire US budget? Only 23% of it goes to our military defense, a role of government that is constitutionally mandated. But nearly SEVENTY PERCENT of all revenue the federal government gets goes to entitlements, which are payments given to some citizens and paid for by money taken involuntarily from other citizens in the form of taxes. That transfer of wealth is not only unconstitutional, it is immoral as well. What if a destitute family needs your money, so I rob you and give it to them, forcing you to “give” to a charitable cause against your will? That is an illegal and immoral act, and is exactly what the federal government does. And don’t you DARE call it charity! Charity is individuals voluntarily giving their own money or time to other individuals, or to organizations whose purpose is charitable giving. The government is not a charity, nor is that its intended purpose.