Colorado Rockies Future

The Colorado Rockies finally had a season worth paying attention to. They have been a team who has been terrible since their World Series appearance in 2007. This year it was finally different for this ball club. They were able to put together a postseason bound team for the first time since 2009 and looked like they could contend with any team in the entire league.

Their season started before the season with some big signings for the team. They were able to sign utility player Ian Desmond and Closer Greg Holland. These seemed to be a step in the right direction as Desmond was coming off of an All-Star season in Texas and Holland has proven to be elite in the past years before he underwent tommy john surgery. The team had high expectations for Desmond as they initially signed him to play first base. Things did not go as planned for him as he did not have a good year and had multiple stints on the Disabled List. AS for Holland, he was able to prove skeptics wrong and show he could still compete after missing an entire year. Holland tied for the lead in saves and earned an All-Star selection.

Things for this team were looking up from the beginning and they started out strong as one of the hottest teams in baseball. At one-point ranked them as the best team in the league. Things started to slip however and they found themselves barely making the postseason and clinching the second wild card slot. Things didnt go as planned and they lost 8–11 to the Arizona Diamondbacks and the season was over for them. But even though they didnt make it very far, it was a massive step forward for them. Carlos Gonzalez had an awful season until late August and he was able to turn it around. He has been a perennial all-star throughout his career so this was odd for him to not play well. But in an article on written by Thomas Harding, Gonzalez says, (This) has been my best year. Clearly this wasnt his personal best year but he goes on to say that, In the past, I was putting up monster numbers and went home sad because I didnt get a chance to win a trophy, this year was different. A lot of the players like Gonzalez have never played a single game in the postseason and they were just grateful for the opportunity to finally participate and contend with the best.

While this season is over, things are definitely looking up for the Rockies future. Their rookie pitchers will develop more and start to become better and better. They might even have a chance to make some more big postseason moves. Carlos Gonzalez contract is up and he may not be returning and that opens up a spot in right field. A good fit could be Giancarlo Stanton. He is in the middle of a massive 13 year contract and many speculate he will be traded as the Marlins look to rebuild. Colorado has many prospects that they could trade and add Stanton. Stanton is an MVP candidate this season as he clubbed a major league leading 59 homers. With a big acquisition like this, the Rockies may very well punch their ticket to October again next season.

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