Are You A Smart Student And Be Honest?

I am not a smart student, but I get straight A’s and all my teachers love me. Why then do I say that I‘m not smart? What do I still have to learn? Read on… Maybe we can all “get smarter”.

As a college student we are offered so many opportunities to help us learn and grow and we often choose to simply ignore them or shrug our shoulders at them. I know that I’m not the only one that does this… Ahem. Examples of these missed opportunities are: special guest speakers, clubs, the tutoring center, work-studies, and our professor’s office hours.

These opportunities are quite rare in the real world- beyond college, and are readily available to help us grow into our smartest future selves. Our success in the future can truly benefit from taking advantage of these opportunities now, because at some point we will have to live on our own. Imagine that!

So to answer the question, to be a truly “smart” student means taking advantage of all the opportunities that college provides.

Taking advantage of these opportunities will help us achieve the successful life we pictured growing up. Remember when you were a young child and dreamed of having a family and loving your job?

Sorry to be so blunt, but your future dreams will be much, and I mean much harder, to achieve if you don’t become a “smart” student now.

All the hard work that you have done to get this far in your education is great and now is the time to step it up a notch to take advantage of ALL that college has to offer.

Mentioned below are 5 major missed opportunities out of the dozen offered every day on campus nationwide that students don’t take advantage of. Results range from resources to help students figure out what to major in to gain important skills for overcoming obstacles to achieve their dreams.

Special Guest Speakers- A lot of schools invest a lot of time and money to bring really interesting guest speakers, but most students would rather go party than attend them.

The Tutoring Center- What better to have someone that actually knows what they’re doing to help you for a class. Grades do matter.

Work-studies- Do you know the average amount of debt students graduate with? Over $38,172!! Most students don’t realize the weight of their debts until they are still paying them off in their forties. Work-studies and even jobs can help decrease that amount for the future.

Clubs- I absolutely love clubs! That’s where I have met my closest friends in school. The majority of students worry that they are too time consuming, but the truth is that they give a much need break in-between classes and homework

Office Hours- Scientifically it is proven that students get better grades if they feel more comfortable with their teacher. Even if you don’t need one-on-one help from your professor, go one time to introduce your self. It will never hurt.

In conclusion college students pay so much money to be in college. Why not take advantage of all the opportunities offered to you which your money is being spent on?

If you truly want to be successful start now by using all these great opportunities because they will get you prepared for the real world. Also these opportunities are so rare once you get into the real world.