The universe only gives me good things when something bad is about to happen.

I have received an amazing gift, so I know that something catastrophic is about to happen.

I’m waiting on bated breath for the other shoe to drop. It will be a MOAB dropped into the center of my life.

The initial shock wave of impact will leave me reeling incapable of stop the searing pain that comes next.

The heat from the blast will scorch everything. Leaving it brittle and frail. Easy pickings.

The comes the fire it will consume everything draining the life from everything it touches. Leaving it singed with regret.

All that’s left now is the smoke. It will mushroom then slowly dissipate. The smell of sadness and grief thick in the air. Enough to choke those that are somehow still alive.

I fear that I am a ticking time bomb. Only no one knows how close I am to detonation. The universe is the only one who knows the secret timer.

All I ask is that you don’t rip me away from my Ruby. I promised that I’d always be there for him. If he survives the MOAB that hits my life, I hope, I am allowed to remain here long enough to comfort him and love him one last time.