2016 International Student Dinner

Every year international students at Valdosta State University prepare for the dinner as a way of showing the local community the diversity present at the university.

I got the opportunity this year to record the entire presentation so as to preserve the memory and to commemorate the first president of the Society of International Students organization.

It was a fun experience for me and I almost didn’t attend but luckily I was convinced to attend and was able to do something for the SIS before graduating.

Here is a short preview of the dinner. Enjoy and look forward to my next blog post “Through The Looking Glass” which I will update as soon as I get done with the last week of classes. I’m sure all past and present college students know the workload and stress of being a college student.

Until then enjoy and keep on reading or in this case watching.
2016 International Dinner Preview. Photography by Bryce France.

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