My favorite Pilot pen when I choose to write on paper.

Back Again 2.0

It’s been a while since I last put words down on a digital page. Perhaps life has been rushing past, that the time to sit down and write has always evaded me — hopefully for the last time. There is something magical in writing that connects our soul to every word we set down. I’ve always held writing close to my heart because to me it is the only form in which we can express ourselves when our voices fail us.

My renewed passion for writing links back to my original blog post I started back in 2007 when I was using Blogger. It is somewhat hard to believe it has been so long since I last wrote anything online. And it is not surprising that the same reasons I chose back then, to write, apply today and so to quote my past self:

The reason for this Blog is to better my writing skill since I have a passion for writing. Lately my mind has been bombarded with many topics I would love to write about. It seems that every time I walk down the road, read a magazine, meet people, play video games, design, or relax there seems to be a calling for me to write. Now I have a reason to, not because I must but because I want.

That passion for writing is still alive — it never faded away, it only slumbered amidst my college career. And yes, lately I have been pondering many topics I would like to explore in writing. And though I don’t play video games, read for pleasure, or relax as I once did, I do still see stories form as I walk the roads around me, meet people, listen to lectures in class, or simply stare at world as it passes me by.

The road to West Hall where I attend all my English classes. Valdosta State University.

Using this new platform, I intend to revisit my writing “not because I must but because I want to.” And I also love the minimalist layout Medium has adopted which connects with the minimalist inside me.

Farewell for now and feel free to visit my older posts on Blogger.

PS: I will transfer my old blog to Medium at some point. I just need to figure out how best to get it done at moment.

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