I believe in doing what you love. I believe in following your heart. I believe in connecting with and engaging in whatever you are passionate about. I believe in making an IMPACT through your passions.

I also believe in human connection and our power to inspire and empower each other. So, I created an inspirational platform for the digital age with purpose and meaning, focused on content and community for that purpose.

Seyopa.com — #SeizeYourPassion! — is an online hub for your passions, your stories and your community. It’s mission is to inspire and empower you to discover, share, connect with and engage in whatever you’re passionate about with like-minded people. Seyopa is NOT about who you are and who you know. Instead, it IS about what you love and why you’re connected. It is about personal development through your passions. It is about authentic, deep and meaningful connection. It is about making an IMPACT through your passions.

Here’s my passion story: https://youtu.be/icMYPfw0wlA

Please leave a comment, question or thought, and remember to #SeizeYourPassion!


Rachel Ellner Lebensohn

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