I am writing this because I care. I care about what’s going on with the motorcycle industry. Honestly, I get so frustrated with some of the things I see going on, but at the end of the day I love the people. This is for all of you that are racing for a living or wish to get paid to ride dirtbikes. I know that I am right about this and that you all should take this serious before you loose the opportunity that is available right now.

I really think that all of you need to start a vlog or a podcast right now. Blogging is great too. Put out as much content as possible. You have 100% control on what is broadcasted to the world. If that’s one video a week or seven it does not matter. The more content you produce the more chances of that one video going viral. Putting out content consistently will increase the odds of success. Be on the offence. The more attention you have the more value you bring to a company. Look at the top YouTube stars. Most of the guys stream video games and make millions doing what they love to do.

Do not worry about the quality because that is subjective. Let the market decide what’s good. I know you need time to train to get the job done on the track. So do not over think what to put out or the quality of the content. Just put out content adjust and learn. Hire someone to make content for you if you can’t afford it. Think of it as an investment. If you cannot afford to pay someone or buy all the fancy camera/audio gear then use your phone. Do not worry about how many views you are getting. All it takes is that one person who likes your content and gives you a call that changes everything.

Bottom line is that if you are good at building your brand you do not have to worry so much about the race results to put food on the table. There is so much that can happen that is out of your control. My argument is take advantage of the things you can control. For current pros you are already getting paid to travel. Why not document your journey? Build a business around what you are already getting paid to do. I guarantee that some of you have the potential to make significantly more money making videos and post them online. This is a very small window of opportunity being a pro athlete and yeah this might be the best time of your life. It might not get better than where you are now. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity right now. I want to see you win! Now go make it happen.

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