I have spent a handful of hours doing some homework on Amazons Alexa. After doing some research on the capabilities of it. I am a true believer that this is the future. It does not matter if it’s Alexa, Google Home, or something else. It is the concept of it that is important.

What clicked for me is that this technology saves time. Time is what’s important. Ask everyone you know. They all say that they are busy. Voice search engines save time.

When you wake up in the morning you say Alexa give me my morning routine. Then you get the weather, news, and or some type of mental motivation. All of this happens while you brush your teeth. You then realize that you’re running low on toothpaste, and you tell Alexa to order more toothpaste. You already have an Amazon prime account and then it is at you doorstep.

I believe that Alexa will be key in the smart home integration. She will be the new Microsoft Windows operating software that operates our entire home. When you get home you will not need to get out your key to get in because your phone will be in your pocket and your lock will automatically unlock. Oh I know what your thinking. Randy you are crazy. Well the new cars do not use keys.

There is massive disruption that is coming. John’s pool service is on the first page of Google in his area for pool services. He might even have a Facebook page. The future of getting your pool fixed is now done this way, “Alexa I need my pool fixed”. Now how do you navigate your business to be first to show up?

All I am doing is paying attention and listening to people much smarter than me. Don’t just take my word for it. Do your own homework.

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