Departing the Federal Election Commission
Ann Ravel

“People from all walks of life”, no. Not criminals, illegal aliens, those who have not recently held a job for at least a year (without being fired), etc. Nor generally those who haven’t at LEAST graduated high school.

There are legal qualifications to hold office. But beyond that, there should be some record of both competence, character, and leadership potential. Merely running does not provide a demonstration of any of those; the skills needed to run for office are necessary but not sufficient to carry out the duties of the office well and faithfully.

So I’d rather have people that were at least moderately wealthy running than not, depending on how they obtained their wealth. Not that they should have to be able to buy their candidacy, but that a reasonable degree of wealth is typically one result of having demonstrated a exceptional degree of competence in some productive activity for an extended period of time.

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