Continuing to build on the programming skills I learned at Horizons has been super fun. It’s crazy to think that a year ago I wasn’t confident about what a for loop was and now I’m building full-stack web apps. …

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about why and how new features are added in softwares and apps. To sharpen my thinking, I put together a little thought experiment based on Stitcher, a pretty big podcast app. It was pretty fun to think through — let me know your thoughts!

It’s rare to walk into an urban restaurant or market without being bombarded by signs cage-free eggs, pasture-raised beef, or GMO-free wheat. I didn’t always run into ‘foodie’ culture, however. I grew up in Wisconsin, where I spent my summers showing cattle and giving tours of my family’s dairy farms.

My first cattle show, 2002.

Carlie Ostrom

Wharton Grad, product thinker, lover of cheese

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