Dear Jack, Please Kill Anonymity on Twitter
Lance Ulanoff

Twitter’s nature and culture would change without anonymity

I can fully relate to your narrative, Lance. Twitter needs to grow up and become a trusted source of information. One of the main reasons I use it is to gain new insights and receive timely news updates from my network. To me, Twitter is a valuable source of information.

However, I have a hard time considering it seriously as my only source of information. It is difficult to filter the data that Twitter presents to us. Especially from outside of my personal network.

Anonymity is generally a good thing as it provides us with the means to express ourselves freely

However, I feel that the tone of voice on Twitter is usually somewhat negative. Twitter’s micro-blogging site is a place where people can openly express their concerns, not so much discuss solutions.

The nature of the network has become one that focusses on spreading opinions instead of facilitating conversation.

I could imagine, that by relieving Twitter of its anonymity, the tone of voice and the respective conversations would improve significantly. The nature of the platform and the way we use Twitter as a whole would change.

Personally I think that this type of conversation would move to another application / service on the web. Possibly not as prominent as Twitter has become in recent years — or as mainstream.

Yet, I would applaud it if Twitter would become a more trustworthy source of information. It is a great platform that I enjoy using on a daily basis.

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