There is No More Encryption Debate: Backdoors Threaten the Whole World
Daniel Jeffries

I hear what you are saying but why do you think those probabilities are so low for someone dying from a terrorist attack? Could it not be for some of the trillions of dollars that is spent on security?

I came from a country where terrorism thrived and we were a poor country. By no means did we spent that much money on defence. So what was the consequence? Terrorism happened at will. Suicide bombings took place when they wanted where they wanted. Our chance of dying from terrorism were much much higher.

So I think some of these dollars you mention are justified. This is international terrorism we are talking about. Millions of people cross borders each day. There’s a handful of terrorists in that too. Keeping an eye on those handful at all cost is a must for the safety of the others.

If it’s not through opening backdoors to software systems, I understand. We must find other ways

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