DJCAD Product Design Honours Project Week 9

This proved to be another productive week in advancing both my field research and the direction I am taking my project. Firstly I was able to get an interview with one of the main staff at the Dundee Botanical Garden so that I could gain further insight on garden values from a different perspective.

I discussed the subject with member Alisdair Hood who proved to be a helpful and insightful gardener with some very intersting viewpoints on what a garden meant to him. One of my particular favourite comments was his description of a garden being akin to ‘your own outdoor living room’ which I fidn to be quite a good comparison given the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere a garden can provide. Furthermore another value, particulalry with botanical gardens, was that they have a safe, clean and fresh environment about them as visitors have no fear of being disturbed by delinquents, unleashed dogs or any other bothersome presence. This factor can apply just as well to other garden establishments such as allotments, community gardens and even everyday private gardens. He recommended that I should visit the Queen Street communal gardens in Edinburgh to gain further insight on shared spaces as they are the last class of gardens I plan to visit and observe.

Following the interview I gathered photos of the various sections of the garden to see the different styles of landscaping they applied to them and I found each and every one to be a notable reference to the plants of many areas of the world including australia, asia and south america. Even moreso, I found that Duncan of Jordanstone had performed creative projects at the establishment before including a shelter with a peaking hole in the back designed to have users focus on the eucalyptus trees growing outside due to their unique patterns. Overall it was quite a peaceful and wholesome experience which gave me new viewpoints on the gardenign experience and a new lead on where to visit next for further insight.

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