DJCAD Product Design Honours Project Week 12

It was this week that myself and Rebecca attended our first week volunteering at the Maxwell Community Centre. During the the day, our supivisor Jack took great interest in our projects and offered a proposition to us. If he could an agreement from the manager Alison, the Maxwell Centre could potentially fund our projects in areas such a material cost. The condition beign that we would then give them the final prototypes as a new addition to their community garden. We will discuss the matter with out lecturers to see if such an offer would be allowed and if so this will bode very well for our design snot only in production but also promotion as it shows that a group were willing to invest in our designs.

Afterwards I began to work on my final concept presentation for next week. Taking on the advise of the Interior department, I decided to look into a different kind of system besides fencing panels for my design principal in order to bypass the drawback of shared property form the original concept. I researched into modular funirture design to see if I could create a concept that could be reaaranged into multiple form from different pieces, but I found for a final product using such a method would risk becoming convuluted given the purpose of the design. But that was when I discovred a design from America called Casulo whcih utilised a method of compacting multiple components into a small form that when taken apart were actually used to build a makeshift bedroom.

It was that which inspired me to alter the foundation of my project by keeping the modular panel function but instead applyign it a compact container which woudl expand into a larger form for the panels to be arranged into for usage. The current name for it is ‘Eden Island’ playing homage to kitchen islands as compact systems which provide users the functions of a kitchen with minimal space just as mine provides garden experiences.

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