DJCAD Product Design Honours Project Week 18

This week has been a very productive one indeed as I have successfully crafted a half scale mark 1 prototype of the Eden Island. Not only that but after discussing the dimensions of the desing with technicians Sean and Lyle, we agreed the hinge and slot mechanisms of the design coudl be tested by crafting some samples of the product but with full scale thickness to show how they woudl be applied to a full scale desing.

Full Thickness Hinge and Slotting CSamples
Mk1 Half-Scale Eden Island Prototype Stages (Assembled, Open and Compact)

With some help from Lyle I was able to put together the main frame of the design to gain a full understandign and confirmation of the structure and form of the product (albeit on a smaller scale). However, I was presented with the issue of how the design woudl stay upright when fully opened as it would have wheels attached to the base for transporting it when compact (the wheels would be in a stright line when the system was open).

So, to confront this problem, I proposed adding a pair of attachable triangular ‘feet’ the same height as the wheels that would connect to either side of the system while it was open. As a result the panels would act as stilts to prevent it from toppling forward or backwards. Therefore I will attach the wheels and craft these stabilisers as the next step for the prototype so that I can verify the design will transfer to full scale without trouble.