DJCAD Product Design Honours Project Week 19

This week, the Mk1 presentation was carried out as we explained the stage of development we were currently at with our projects and the next steps we intended to take in completing it. As for myself, the feedback i received was quite positive as I’ve successfully crafted the dimensions and structure of the Eden Island’s main frame so there won’t be any worries on scaling it up to full size for the Mk2 prototype.

With that step complete the next crucial element is chosing and crafting designs for the three garden activities. As advised by Fraser, I should find ways to connect and make the activities more immersive and engaging so that the Island is used more frequently. For example, rather than simply puttign up a bird feeder or house, the users could use the equipment to carry out a bird watching course over a month or two and then they could present any documented photographs or recordings on one of the other panels, resulting in a longer, enjoyable and informative gardening experience.

Currently I’ve decided two of the three activities to be a flowerbox and a bird house-feeder-combination. Additionally I intend to visit the Sensation science centre to see how they’re exhibits carry out similar fun but educational experiences involving children and adults.

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