DJCAD Product Design Honours Project Week 20

With the Mk1 prototype complete I have found the stucture and dimensions to be successful as the slotted panels and hinges worked efficiently. As a result I was able to take it to the Maxwell centre to show to my demographic. The presentation was a resounding success as both the children and the staff truly enjoyed the half scale prototype and how it functioned, so the feedback I received was very positive and supportive. Additionally, I informed them on the activities I intended to apply to the panels which were also met positively. Furthermore, my supervisor suggested that a suitable third activity would be a portable weather station akin to the ones with small rain gauges, anemometers and wind vanes suitable for children to learn about ways of recording the weather.

Leading on from that I began developing initial sketches for the activties: flower box, birdhouse and feeder, bee hotel and weather station. three of whcih I would develop for the Mk2. Additionally, with the success of the Mk1 structure I handed in a cutting list for the components of the full scale frame. The pieces are currently beign stored in studio for safe keeping while I begin developing the activities and then the frame can be assembled along with them which should lead to a sturdy full scale struture.

But to be on the safe side, I plan on making a couple more full scale sections for the installation of the wheels and stabilisers so that there are as few loose ends as possible.

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