DJCAD Product Design Honours Project Week 21

The process of constructing the Mk2 continued as I began to develop the first gardening activity for the Eden Island: the flower box. Prior to construction though, I presented my design concepts for the activities to the Maxwell centre to see which ones they favoured most. Additionally, my Mum suggested to me that a creative option for decorating the frame with laser cutting, would be to use drawings made by members of the Maxwell centre as templates. So, I put together a small workshop with the children and staff in which they each produced their own garden themed drawings which I will then have made into illustrator documents to be laser etched onto the sides and top of the Eden Island’s main frame.

Furthermore, while there I also got to talk about my project to the manager of all of Dundee’s community gardens, Kate Treharne. She found my design to be intriguing and also agreed about my its purpose in providing people with a means of enjoying gardening as she informed me of how some schools wish to provide their pupils with such activities but are unable to as their playgrounds only consist of tarmac and concrete.

As for the flower box I began with crafting a prototype from MDF to ensure the stability of the structure and form of the planter box, afterwhich I constrtuced a final rendition from birch plywood and then varnished and lined it to make it suitable for outdoor use and growing plants. The next activity I intend to produce is the birdhouse and I also plan to have the Maxwell drawings converted into laser documents for the main frame.

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