DJCAD Product Design Honours Project Week 26

As of this week, my renovated Mk2 Eden Island prototype is now complete. The activities are constructed, the frame treated and stabilised and the overall product sturdy and manouverable. I’m very pleased with how far this product has come and to see it complete and ready for filming gives me great satisfaction.

So now with the prototype ready, I’ve began working on finishing my portfolio/sketchbook so as to add the remainder of my research and so my design process is fully documented. Additionally, my A5 project booklet is underway as it’s purpose is to tell the reader my design process and the course of my project throughout both semesters.

As you can see the objectives are becoming fewer and fewer as the deadline for submission in May draws near, but as long as I organise the work and am clear in presenting the insights of my process and the outcomes gained from them, I’m sure that the remaining work will go down smoothly.

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