DJCAD Product Design Honours Project Week 4

For this week I began to fill in my sketch book with research images I’d gathered for my garden fencing design. I categorsied the pictures beginning with various designs of fence panels followed by activities associated with gardening.

In addition, I put together a questionnaire and began gathering research information from my neighbours and classmates to gain insight on what they would like to be used in the fence panels.

During the week though, I had a second tutoring with my lecturers and they recommended in order to gain a greater scope for the project I shoudl take a step back from the fencing and look at gardening itself as a whole to find out what various meanings it has for people who use them. Research methods they suggested were reading, cultural probes, observation and interviews. Surveys however were advised against as the number of required reponses would be a challenge to gain.

So, I viisted the library and borrowed a couple of book to get started on: ‘Urban Eden’ by Adam and James Caplin and ‘Making Gardens’ by the National Garden’s Scheme. In addition, I gathered further research images based on the feedback I’ve currently acquired from participants and I will also be visiting a local allotment to conduct observation.

I visited the allotment on City Road on Sunday the 9th and found the area to be a well organised, lush, lively community, bursting with various categories of plants both edible and non edible. I took a number of photos for field research, but will revisit the allotment soon to gain further insight on the value and meaning it has to the users of it.

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