DJCAD Product Design Honours Project Week 7

During this week, we received a tutorial explaining the upcoming Guru’s Week and the types of cases we could craft to present and explain our projects to them whne they arrive on November 1st.

The prime function of the case is to explain how our design relates to the three factors: People, Design and Technology. The case can be used to show what level each factor plays in the design and how they are used in it. I decided to design my case as a small scale model fence, with removable panels serving as the factors with textual descriptions engraved in them usign laser cutting. The level to which each factor plays in the design is shown by the height each panel is placed at between the fence posts.

I also received another tutoring session from my lecturers whom after I updated them on the current position of my progress, recommended I consider the form of the fence panels themselves and to look into other ways the garden activities could be incorporated into them. For example, rather than just designing the panel to be fitted with bird houses the panel could potentially be bird house itself. Additionally, they recommended I focus on the beneficial purpose of the design, in that it could bring neighbours together through engaging them in the fences social garden functions. Linking back to the discussion fo the form of the panels, if there were two families with children, one panel could be designed to have a seesaw running from either side of the fence so that both parties coudl enjoy the activity together.

Finally, I paid another visit to the City Road allotment and was able to interview two of the staff members for their opinions on what they value about gardens so that I could learn more on how to make my design appealing.

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