I’m a Creep. I’m Sorry.
Dave McClure

Way, way, way too facile, superficial, and self-serving. Your apology actually makes your behavior creepier — which is saying a lot. Especially from me, as I’m big — HUGE — on manning up. I’ve preached for many years that, had Ted Kennedy confessed and asked for absolution immediately after Chappaquiddick, he’d have made it to the White House. Had Nixon done the same as soon as Watergate came to light, he’d have served out his term in office. We Americans are suckers for confession and redemption, and overall I’d say that’s a good thing.

You, however, have not convinced the jury (me, serving as Typical American) of any part of your case. I don’t believe that you didn’t recognize you were abusing your power. And I don’t believe you’re truly penitent now. Your apology was shallow, lacking any indication of true empathy for your victims, and you’ve let yourself off the hook way too easily. It was cheap, and cheap in this sort of thing is simply sleazy. So you were an unethical, amoral, abusive creep, and now you’re a lounge lizard to boot. Please, don’t try to fix this attempt at fixing by throwing more words at the situ. If you want us to believe you mean it, you’re gonna have to sweat. A lot, not a little.

And no, I’m not going to tell you what you should do to work up that sweat. Part of true repentance is understanding your victims’ POV well enough that you’re able to figure out all by your sleazy little self what it’s going to take to show how sorry you are. Until you can do that, I’m going to continue to give your performance — because that’s how it reads, as an act — a big thumbs-down.

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