My baby is due soon

Photo by Fas Khan on Unsplash

I probably won’t be writing stories on Medium for a while, as my baby is due any day now. Hopefully once she learns to sleep through the night I’ll have some time to write again!

In the mean time, you might like to check out some of my Medium posts listed below:

Math posts

7 stories
Byrne’s proof of the Pythagorean Theorem. He uses very few words and instead presents his proof as a sequence of colorful diagrams.
A close up of a mathematical equation on a blackboard.

Tech posts

4 stories
3 red die with the letters “N”, “F”, “T” on them sitting on top of computing components and money.
A piece of paper that says “Your personal recovery seed. Do not disclose this seed to anybody.” In the background are bitcoins and a white hardware wallet.

Philosophy of Science posts

3 stories
Lots of different pages from books laid flat and pinned to a wall.
A man pretending to kick a woman in the back while she stands near the edge of a cliff.

See you on the flip side!