Big Bang confirmed again; this time by the Universe’s first atoms
Ethan Siegel

Aren’t You Forgetting “The Lithium Problem”?

Big Bang Nucleosynthesis has long predicted a Li-7 abundance that was about a factor of 3 too high.

For decades astrophysicists have been searching for an epicycle that would remove this failure. Here is a recent effort — one among very many!

Prof. Seigel keeps suggesting that everything is virtually “finished” in physics/cosmology. That’s also what Hawking claimed in the 1980s. If that is the attitude of scientists, then physics/cosmology is finished in more ways than one. In reality, much more uncertainty reigns in physics/cosmology than Prof. Seigel usually acknowledges. Our reliable knowledge is precious, but it is still far out-weighed but what we still do not know. Then there are the unknown unknowns.