The Bad Guys Are The Ones Invading Sovereign Nations, Not These Guys
Caitlin Johnstone

Sure, but let’s not forget that North Korea is a totalitarian state whose version of Stalin executes those who displease him. One was dispatched for not clapping vigorously enough when the great leader entered the hall. Some were executed with antiaircraft weapons. His brother was merely poisoned.

The leader seems quite well-fed, while significant numbers of the public starve to death and others live in abject physical and mental poverty.

I don’t think America has any desire to invade North Korea. In recent decades we have remained calm and rational in the face of endless insults, threats and provocations. Our concern is with the safety of our allies, and increasingly with our own safety. Most of the other countries of this planet share our concern and have strongly condemned recent behavior of North Korea.

I would agree that we have much blood on our hands, and many reasons for thinking that as the “world’s policeman” we have often been a bad cop. However, the situation with North Korea not the same old bone-headed play that is inferred in the story. This is a steaming pile of an entirely different color. In my opinion.

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