The Theory That IDs The Dark Matter Is The Future Of Physics

Theories that have predicted that the dark matter is composed of WIMPs, axions, sterile neutrinos, and other imaginary subatomic particles have nothing to show but negative results after 45 years of strained hype and effort.

On the other hand, the evidence for stellar-mass primordial black holes, as predicted by Discrete Scale Relativity, has grown steadily over that time period.

Discrete Scale Relativity definitively predicts the dark matter mass spectrum: main peaks are at 8 x 10–5, 0.145 and 0.580 solar mass. The objects are ultracompact Kerr-Newman systems ( stable solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell equations). The dark matter is definitely not composed of subatomic particles [See: arXiv:astro-ph/0002363v1 ]. Also see: “The case for primordial black holes as dark matter” by MRS Hawkins, available at . Also see (below) the latest news on the viability of PBHs as the DM.

If a theory cannot successfully tell us exactly what =/> 85% of the matter in the cosmos is, then what good is it? If a theory can do this, how can it continue to be ignored?