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Oh, all those times my mother would see me walk out of my room after “studying” for 15 mins.. I couldn’t do more than than that. This started early in my academic life. My mother and father constantly sitting me down to talk about my report card and the lack of A’s, B’s.. And sometimes C’s. Teachers telling me to pay more attention. My brain doesnt work this way. I am not a good memorizor, which was my frustrations with school. I shut down. I didnt mind being in the non-accelerated classes. I didnt care what anyone said, it was mich easier amd we had more free time.

I was always reassuring my parents that everything was going to work out. The frustration and anger from my parents really hurt me. I was trying! I never had the grades that would keep me from playing sports. The many hours of crying and disappointment was really hard on everyone. I kept reassuring them that not only would everything be ok, but i promised they’d be proud….one day.


I received a Full scholarship to major D-1 powerhouse because of my talent in football & a solid C/C+ student. I graduated with a degree in sociology. On top of that I was the 33rd pick in NFL draft in the late 90's. I received a city key & my own day. High school hall of fame. Supported youth runaways in my NFL hometown. Helped my home towns “big bother/little sister” program. Donated 10 tickets a game to the Covenant House for the kids.

Great wife, 3 lovely kids… all while I watched squirrels eat acorns during much of my academic career. Nature was more interesting in class than any teacher.

Follow your bliss.

*like anything I post, I’m sure there’s grammatical errors and whatnot. Perfection isn’t my top priority when writing.

P.s. Have a nice day.

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