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Lessons learned from “Never Split the Difference.”

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Leveraging the natural laws of time, energy and evolution

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Converting the corona crisis into a competitive advantage

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity. — Albert Einstein

The corona crisis has accelerated the success of some industries (telehealth, e-commerce) and failure of others (retail).

COVID-19 is really more of an accelerant than it is a change agent, and that is, the future’s just happening, playing out the same way; it’s just being pulled forward faster. — Scott Galloway

That means the next organization to lead your industry is…

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How managers can communicate effectively during crisis

CEOs need to adjust to a new reality that pandemics are now a known unknown when scenario-planning their businesses. — Steve LeVine

In most organizations, the burden of communicating and implementing crisis management decisions inevitably falls on frontline managers. Here are some actionable steps frontline managers can take to mitigate panic and work more effectively with their teams during the Coronavirus crisis.

Exercise Calm

Don’t just focus on culture fit. Look for future fit, as well.

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The most important trait a candidate must possess is character. …

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The secret to retaining customers

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A few details can 10x the quality of the feedback you receive.

Who should I ask?

Seek high value and best intention

Carefully choose who you seek feedback from, so you spend more time pursuing the best version of your idea and less time defending it.

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Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love a robot?

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To develop who you are meant to be, try this

History’s great achievers — a Napoléon, a da Vinci, a Mozart — have always managed themselves. That, in large measure, is what makes them great achievers. We have to learn to develop ourselves. — Peter Drucker

Who would you become if you focused on developing yourself? Here’s how to begin the journey to your authentic self.

Be your own hero

To discover your authentic self, start by trying to better understand the underlying factors influencing your decision-making — your hidden motivators, biases, and blindspots. …

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A guide to make sure your feedback sticks

Best intention is bullshit. What matters is outcomes, and whether you’re taking actual steps to anticipate those outcomes and mitigate those outcomes the best you can.– DHH

Some people believe giving feedback “raw and now” is the best method, and some may prefer receiving it that way. However, feedback that is “raw and now” can easily backfire because it lacks 1 critical element: careful thought.

Rodrigo Lopez

Former attorney, 2x entrepreneur, organizational consultant and writer.

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