Asking is always good (working in a efficient way)

When you’re learning a new programming lenguaje you try so hard to figure out and solve everything on what you have problems, you look on Google and test everything, but is that the best way of learn and solve a problem?. When you have coworkers that are open to help you and that possibly they have passed throw that same issue.

The two last weeks I’ve been working on Android and well I’m a novice on this lenguaje. I have learned a lot of things, but one mean thing I have learned it’s the importance of asking. If you want to learn faster and make the things efficiently you have to take adventage of the knowledge of your colleges. Ask will make you spend less time learning the same or even less and avoid the frustration of not being able to solve a problem.

Give all you can will always be paid, no just monetary but also feel satisfied with yourself of know the great effort you put on your work.

In conclusion, there are some communication tips that i’ll like to share with you:

  • Never be afraid to ask, its worse to keep with doubts.
  • Express yourself, tell what you understand and what you don’t. Everybody is different and the way you capture the ideas is completely up to you.
  • Take all the opportunies to help others and to share your knowledge. You’ll see the great things you can learn when you give.
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