What exactly is thrift and what exactly is extravagance?

I begin with the premise that it was something that I experienced after work — that is, past 9P.M.. I came home and the immediate expectation of my home and room was that it should be what I imagined it to be when I last left it in the morning. To those that know me, my room is my sanctuary. Every nook and cranny is designed by me. I know where everything is. I constantly think of ways to improve the layout and ambience of my room. I cannot stand it being messy (at least not for weeks). And worst of all, I cannot stand it being dirty. And that’s what happened.

Apparently dad decided to clean the air-conditioning blower’s drum this time. It is the part that is in fact the dirtiest, not the filter. Of course the drum is not something that everybody knows how to gain access to and my dad resorted to using a brush to brush off layers of dust trapped within the drum. I am sure he did try to cover my stuff with newspapers before he began cleaning. The problem comes when he was done cleaning and packed everything up. He switched on the AC to make sure that it is still working fine. But this time there was no newspapers around and dust, thick grey balls of dust like iron fillings began to spit out of the blower unit. My dad was not aware of it. I shan’t go on to the moment when I came home.

I admit that I was really annoyed at that time although I knew his intention was good. Nevertheless, I held my frustrations in because there is no point getting all upset at that time. Just clean it all up, Randy.

This begs the question of what is worth spending and what is worth saving up on. For one, the drum unit in the blower is something that anyone without technical knowledge would not be able to gain access to. Should you then get the proper serviceman to do the job for you and just pay for the service? Or should you try something on your own that in the end and in my opinion, made things worse? My dad is retired and I know he really wants to find activities to do. Is it then not because of thrift but actually to kill time and boredom? I don’t know the answer but I believe it is both. Chinese do have a habit of saving for the next generation and an accumulation of wealth is considered a good thing. But if such practice compromises on the ability of the current generation to enjoy the fruit of their labor, I think it should be abolished totally. On the other hand, what then is considered a proper level of enjoying retirement and the spending that ensued? I guess this is a thought that would stay with me for a long time to come and I urge people around me to think likewise. It will certainly help us to be a wiser spender.

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