Get In Shape While Traveling

Who doesn’t like to get in shape while roaming into local market of some other country. In this 21st century there is competition not only for earning money but also to look good.

You will look good when you are in shape. And you might be thinking you have to go to gym and burn those extra fat, putting a lock on eating habits etc. But the answer is you don’t have to, there is another way to get rid of those excess fat. The answer is Cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery:

Cosmetic surgery involves techniques and procedure that mainly focuses on enhancing patient’s appearance and looks.

Cosmetic surgery involves various procedure focusing various part of body:

· Breast Enhancement

· Facial Contouring

· Facial Rejuvenation

· Body Contouring

· Skin Rejuvenation

Through cosmetic surgery you can get the body you like to flaunt.

There are various destination where you can go for cosmetic surgery naming Australia, Dubai, Singapore, HongKong, India, etc.

Why you should choose India?

Well, India is a place which has an excellent mix of culture, heritage, and scenic beauty; the backwaters of Kerala (India), the desert of Rajasthan and many more.

You must be thinking why we are talking about India in medical field? well, Medical tourism in India is emerging as one of the most growing sectors, which is by 2020 is expected to grow between $7 billion to $8 billion

Getting medical treatment in India is preferred due to,

· low costs treatment,

· the accessibility of latest medical infrastructures,

· standard treatment procedure

· Medical package facilities.

· Also, availability of English speaking staff, due to which patients from other countries doesn’t face language barrier

Some of the most popular treatments for which in India is looked upon by the medical tourists are Cardiac bypass surgery, knee replacement, bone-marrow transplant, cosmetic surgery, and alternative medicine (ayurvedic and homeopathy). Cosmetic surgery is becoming one of the leading field in medical tourism industry of India, most experts concluded that the Indian cosmetic surgery sector is surging by 20 to 30 percent per year. Recently British government have imposed Value added tax (which Britishers have dubbed as boob tax) on all type of cosmetic surgery in that country, because of which people of United Kingdom are eyeing on India.

In India amongst the cosmetic surgeries, liposuction (a type of body contouring procedure where excess fat cells are removed from the body part) is very much popular, because of its visible result in no time.

In India; Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad are the cities which are looked upon for liposuction surgeries. Among these liposuction surgery in Mumbai is most popular due to accessibility from all major cities and countries around the world, and the cherry on the cake is that it is affordable.

Mumbai; financial capital of India is one of the fastest and emerging financial hub around the globe, is also a hub for medical tourist for various medical procedure of high quality at low cost.

Mumbai is one of the best place to undergo liposuction surgery because of its vast number of qualified experienced doctors. Along with its range of experienced doctors, Mumbai provides some of the best facilities in terms of medical infrastructure and hospitality. Also, after getting in shape you can flaunt it by enjoying its night-life.

As compared to other cities of India cosmetic surgeries like liposuction costs less in Mumbai and is considerably low if we compare the technology and quality of services provided by doctors in Mumbai. Liposuction cost in Mumbai varies between Rs. 30000.00 to Rs. 200000.00 including medication and taxes. Now, as you know what is the range of the procedure mentioned above, but you should know how much it will cost for you that will depend upon the area of the surgery.

Liposuction: Now, for your reference here is a description on liposuction, so that you can get a better idea what is liposuction and what are the results you can expect from it.

If you want to get rid of those fat bulges and want to get in the shape that you have dreamed of, you can go for the cosmetic surgery that takes less time and money of yours.

It is a process where the extra fat cells from your treatment required body parts are been sucked (negative pressure) out. Areas operated under liposuction can include the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, waist, and upper arm.

The Procedure:

Liposuction procedure required little cuts, which depends upon the scope of the area of surgery, the surgeon may make one or two minor cuts to achieve the objective. A slim suction tube is rooted through the cuts and fat is suctioned out with the help of medical tool with sharp end attached to it. 
 Once the procedure is finished surgeon closes the opening and afterward do the dressing which will and should be changed frequently for fast healing. During the procedure patient is provided general anesthesia.

Duration of the surgery varies from 1 to 2 hours depending upon the area of the surgery. It may take longer than the time stated if the area operated is large.

You might be thinking, it must be painful, well that’s the regular method description. Our generation is now advanced and use technology, even for this type of surgery. Ultrasound liposuction is at rescue, in this fat cells are first melted through ultrasound and then the liquid fat cells are suctioned out. After which body achieves contoured shape which you have dreamed off.
 With ever evolving science and technology, newer techniques such as laser liposuction and smart liposuction are also gaining momentum.

Facts about liposuction:

One can get liposuction for almost any of the part of the body.

Liposuction removes unwanted fat cells permanently.

Technique of liposuction won’t help you to lose weight.

There is a set limit to suck-out the fat which is predetermined by the medical authorities.

Around the world liposuction is the most performed cosmetic surgery.

Men can also have liposuction surgery

Generally plastic surgeons and dermatologists perform most of the liposuction surgeries.

The women who got had gone through a liposuction surgery before they get pregnant, then there is a chance of gaining a lot of weight or getting stretch marks on stomach and abdomen area.

You may gain weight after Liposuction.

Results of Liposuction are seen best on men and women under 40, because their skin is more elastic and springs back into shape relatively easily


India has become the hub of medical tourism and now seen as one of the leading country in cosmetology. And liposuction is considered to be one of the fastest and easiest proven method to get the desired result with in no time. And competitive cost as compared to the developed countries, is the one of the major factor of medical tourism in India. One can have desired body shape by getting different cosmetic surgeries with accepted world class medical technology at low cost.