How Less Helps You Do More — Minimalism And Your Brain
Richard Reis

I’ve lived in my condo for 30 years and am a thrift store addict. Every time I’d go on a holiday, I found myself having to get a 2nd suitcase to haul “treasures” back home. Often I shipped a box back as well. Having nobody to curtail my whims, over the years my home resembled a “curiosity shop.” After a recent visit to Havana, Cuba I realized that people there had very little but seemed so happy. Returning home, the goat trails got to me. A friend showed me some youtube videos of minimalism and I actually cried. It took three months with constant support from friends obtaining liquor store boxes and hauling to thrift stores and societies helping the homeless, addiction programs, etc, to unload this mountain of “cool stuff.” I got years of use and enjoyment, and it was time to pass it on. I’m now waking up, looking at clean white walls, and unclutted space, a blank canvass to help create. My pastiime is documenting street art, murals and graffiti, but I don’t have the need to have it in my own world. Thank you for reinforcing this postive life change!

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